The Opportunity
Creating an adult podcast together to talk about everything Disney had always been a bucket list item for these two die-hard Disney fans. With a broad range of topics from best Disney princess to sexual innuendos and sexiest Disney prince, they needed a logo/icon that they could use to brand their adult-only podcasts.
The Goal
Since the logo would be used on a number of podcast platforms it was necessary that the logo be simple, structured and "as cute as humanly possible". After talking more with the Disney fans I determined that the mark should be very representative of a podcast and have an element of upscale and playful whimsy to it. 
First Drafts
After the first round there were three versions that appealed to them. After talking with them about why the design had caught their eye it became apparent that there were only pieces of each logo that they liked. As a result I took each element that they liked and combined it into one mark.
The Final Decision
The combined version of the different logo was an instant hit and after a round of adding colours we were able to finalize a mark that was "very Disney-esque and soooooo cute".

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