Hi there! 
I'm Jimmy, a maker at heart who finds joy in well-crafted products, sweating meaningful details and tasty food. 
Currently I'm at Jostle building experiences that help bring people that work together, together. Over the past 6+ years I've had the privilege to work on a wide range of digital products including SaaS platforms, mobile apps, web apps and much more.
Take a look around to see some of my work and feel free to say hi through read.cv or email.
Jimmy waving
UX Design - SaaS web dashboard
Accelerating culture-building with a Slack-integrated HR platform
Product (UX/UI) Design - Mobile Android
Pioneering the vision of cashless tipping for artists and performers
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UI Design - iOS mobile
Main Street Brewing
Supercharging a new reward app for one of Vancouver's best craft breweries
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Feel free to reach out for more information, collab opportunities, or just a friendly hello.
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