Hi there! I'm Jimmy
Jimmy smiling
Currently, I'm crafting product experiences at Jostle while living in Vancouver, Canada. Before this, I was at RED Academy where I spearheaded agency teams to build two mobile apps, three websites, a SaaS dashboard, and four product strategies.
I chose product design as my career path because I realized it was a position where I could leverage the full breadth of my diverse skill set. A melting pot of experiences in finance, project coordination, marketing, and design actually turned out to be ideal for crafting products and experiences that help people.
Humble beginnings
Back in 2015 I started learning design after work and on the weekends to add a creative outlet to my finance position. 
Over the next few years, I'd fine-tune my craft and build a fantastic client list. This client list would eventually result in exciting opportunities to re-brand provincial organizations, craft advertising campaigns for startups and curate guides sent to 110,000+ residents. 
Late caffeinated nights
A once in a lifetime opportunity
After a UI Design bootcamp producing websites, apps and brands for leading businesses in Vancouver, I received a scholarship from Rogers Communication (one of four recipients from 250+ applicants). 
During the 6-month intensive program, I was the driving force leading agency teams 6 days a week through projects for industry clients ranging from international eCommerce brands to app startups.
The call for a once in a lifetime opportunity
Accomplishments summary
Going viral-ish on AJ&Smart
One of the top highlights of my design career so far was having my portfolio featured on the AJ&Smart YouTube channel. To see my work complimented (and critiqued) on a channel I've learned so much from was completely surreal.
I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list
I love immersing myself in new foods and cultures. Seeing the world through a new lens and discovering what normal is from that perspective really motivates my wanderlust.
Jimmy travelling the world
Let's talk!
Feel free to reach out for more information, collab opportunities, or just a friendly hello.
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