The Opportunity
A friend of mine reached out to see if I could help them create a brand for a blog they had always wanted to make. With her numerous food allergies my friend had to create her own baking recipes that fit within her personal restrictions. She wanted to share these recipes with the world through a personal blog.
The Goal
This aspiring baker had already completed an ideal sketch of the character that she wanted and asked that the overall feeling of the logo be feminine and approachable. She also preferred that the character have similar characteristics to her own appearance (eg. glasses / brown hair).
First Drafts
The majority of the time spent on this logo was refining my friend's initial sketch.
The Final Decision
After she had chosen the logo and colour palette she liked best I added a typeface called Boucherie Sans that added to the approachable feel of the logo with its playful and fun structure. In preparation for her blog I also created some additional items that would tie the overall brand together.